Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Moving and Tapering

I wanted to do this update a couple days ago but did not have the energy to write this post. This past weekend, I was helping my parents clean out the old house so they can get stuff moved into their new home a few hours away. Also, I got a 13.8 mile run in Sunday before coming home later that day. It was a beautiful run not only with the weather but the ability to keep an excellent pace. My confidence is very high right now and would love to keep it that way as the marathon draws closer. With less than three weeks until the Philadelphia Marathon, I am done with the long runs and have started tapering. I'm still going to run three days a week but the runs will be much shorter. As I am writing this, I ran approximately 12km this morning at a 6:47 pace.

My method of travel to Philadelphia? It will be my first time riding a train in my lifetime so this will be an eye-opening experience. Sorry that this is a short blog post but I promise my marathon recap will be in greater detail. Until next time everyone.

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