Monday, March 27, 2017

Fallen Comrades Run…West Point Half Marathon

Good morning everyone. It is Monday, currently recovering from an amazing weekend in downstate New York. I really needed it especially after a long work week. I traveled by train from Albany to Garrison between Amtrak and Metro-North.

I ran my eighth half marathon yesterday, Fallen Comrades Run. This was the first year that they opened this race to the general public. I found out about this race through the Running In The USA website. My cousin Torey, Ben, and Fran also ran in the race. Shout out to Torey's husband, David and awesome host, Miranda for cheering us on throughout the entire race. Running on the United States Military Academy campus in West Point was absolutely beautiful. We started outside Michie Stadium and finished on their field.

Miles 1-4 were mostly downhill and windy and had the upcoming hills in the back of my mind but did my best to not let it consume me. Checking my watch, I ran a 7:30 mile which is a great pace for me. My goal was to not start very strong and tire towards the end. The first few miles allowed me to take in a wonderful view of the Hudson River on their campus. You can also see the railroad tracks shuttling passengers between Albany and New York City.

Mile 5 was the first big hill which I thought would be the last of the major hills. I would be proven wrong later on. My running was smooth going up hill but I was in need of a bathroom.

Between 6 and 7, I had to detour for a break. I ended up with a nine minute mile because of it but I felt so much better after that stop. Started catching up with some of the runners approaching mile 8 winding through the residential streets.

Mile 9 was the beginning of a very steep hill but I managed to pass runners struggling on their climb. Maybe it helped having the military bagpipe band members playing. Miles 10 and 11 ended up where we ran in the beginning. More winding downhills and found out about THE BIG HILL coming up.

Mile 12 would intersect with the mile 9 marker halfway up, which made the hill steeper and longer. I slowed my pace a little bit and was making good strides passing runners. It was a relief finishing that big hill and finishing on flatter terrain approaching the stadium. My final time was just under 1:37:00 with a 7:24 mile. I set a personal best of approximately 3 minutes and placed inside the top 100 runners overall. In terms of results, it was a very successful day and the weather held up during the race.  The temperature was in the upper thirties with overcast skies. My cousin also set a personal best during her race, awesome job. My Garmin watch told me I ran just under 13 miles but that was the least of my worries. The course was very challenging and fun. It was an honor running alongside amazing athletes, service men, and service women.

Thank you very much to United States Military Academy, NYC Runs, spectators, and all the volunteers who made the event possible. I truly appreciate all your hard work and dedication.

One reason why I love running, amazing family support

Also, thank you Miranda for being an awesome host all weekend. You are simply amazing. Once again, thank you to Torey for making the trip and husband David for cheering us on and taking pictures. It was a pleasure meeting Ben and Fran, who ran in the event as well. Congratulations on finishing, both of you did great. Good luck Fran in the Gettysburg Marathon.

 Great job everyone. You were all amazing out there.

I'm really running out of words so it is time for me to recover for a couple days. Looking at running a 10K race Saturday.