Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday Times Stud Muffins

I was a little hesitant about creating a post today but after what has developed with the Binghamton Mets the last few days, I really could not resist. Let me start with the Binghamton Mets.

Back in April, the organization opened up a contest to the public to pick the new name for the team starting in 2017. Over 1,500 ideas including me were submitted. This past Tuesday during a home game, the six finalists were revealed. Let me tell you, I shook my head in disbelief and chuckled a little bit. The six names are as followed and I'm not making this up: Timber Jockeys; Bullheads; Gobblers; Rumble Ponies; Rocking Horses; and Stud Muffins. Yes, the last one is not made up. These names belong on T-Ball and/or Recreational Softball team jerseys, not on professional baseball uniforms. Stud Muffins should only be named for an all Male-Revue group.

Were these names submitted by third graders? My idea, Parlor Cutters, did not make the final six and that is embarrassing enough. If that is the best we can do for team names, Binghamton baseball has to be very proud of themselves. Reading the paper for the last few days, the bombardment of negativity has not subsided and does not seem to be letting up any time soon. Even the national media is laughing at Binghamton. It was mentioned in an episode of Around The Horn on Wednesday and it has made the rounds in newspapers around the country.

My message to owner John Hughes is I appreciate the enthusiasm of ringing in a new era for Binghamton baseball. Mistakes will happen and you are allowed to change or have a do-over. These final six should be scrapped and reopen the contest. Another suggestion would be to keep the current name for at least a few more years until you are settled on a new name. My only question is who is the Marketing Director for the Binghamton Mets? If I was in their shoes, I would have not picked any of these six names. I've been reading the editorial viewpoints on this subject for the last few days, most notably today where one page is dedicated to the new team name. Looking through the letters to the editor, I  found a couple that should be finalists: Binghamton Speedies and Binghamton Twilights. Those are based on two iconic staples: regional chicken sandwich and acclaimed film maker.

Despite the negative feedback about the name change, I am still behind baseball staying here in Binghamton for many years to come. The owner and marketing team need to go back to the drawing board and get the team fiasco in order.

Enough of the name fiasco, in one week, I will be participating in my first marathon race here in Binghamton. Today, I did my final Sunday tune up including running some of the course and I feel extremely confident in my pace and stamina especially after doing about 15.8 miles. What are my current emotions? Excitement, confident, and happy. My running has drastically improved this month and looking to carry that same momentum into the race on Sunday.

Until then, keep it real.


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