Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Blood, Sweat, and No Tears

So far, the change of scenery has been nothing short of amazing. I kept telling myself, why I didn't relocate sooner. It is pretty sweet waking up on a Saturday for a long run and the trail is right out your front door.

Speaking of a long run, I did two within a span of six days. It is the longest total distance I've ever ran in my life. The first run was twenty miles and the second one was just under nineteen. I was very surprised with the results from the first one but it was very rewarding. I finished in just over three hours. I compared it to a similar run back in April, and the difference was very staggering. I took almost forty minutes off. The second one was good but my body was totally spent at the end. I was upset that I decided to cut it short instead of doing twenty. Getting home late and rising early will take its toll. With the Philadelphia Marathon almost two months away, I have been very pleased with the results. I will be running a half marathon in Saratoga Springs on Sunday for The Melaine Foundation. That race will be an excellent tune up for November. This past weekend, I got to bond with one of my roommates, Otto. We really hit it off when he was asking me about running. His advice and words of encourage were very helpful and I will keep that in mind when running in future races. Enough of the running, lets dial it back a little bit.

Sunday, was a celebration of one of my favorite bands, Sick Of It All. They are celebrating thirty years as a group and I really commend them for their pride and dedication to New York Hardcore. All of the music they have created has been very good and the band members are very friendly. Thank you for everything you have done. Your live shows are always a great time and you are built to last. I love you very much Lou, Pete, Armand, and Craig.

"We are playing the same set as New York City except there are no balloons. I know I was looking forward to the fucking balloons."- Lou Koller

Check them out: 30 Years
One of my favorite songs on their most under rated album:

Not going to lie, I am having recipe withdrawl so I'll get back into that soon.

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