Monday, September 5, 2016

New Is Better

A lot has been going on in my life since my last post. New area, new job, and new outlooks on life.

I relocated to the Albany area a couple weeks ago intending on transferring to another office for my previous employer. At the same time, I got offered a full time position as a Sterile Processing Technician at Saratoga Hospital. I ended up accepting the full time job and I'm very proud with where my life is going right now. I really loved what I did at my other job but I couldn't pass up the long term objectives that came with Sterile Processing. I stayed at my cousins house along with her boyfriend until I found a place to get myself situated. I really can't thank them enough for making the transition much more easier. I've been living in a new place for a few days now and the change of scenery is already having an amazing impact on me. I kept telling myself why I didn't move up here sooner. Along with the awesome place, it is even better having running trails right out your front door. The homeowner has a few books by David Sedaris and I was almost ecstatic. I wish she was there to see my reaction in person. Now for some fun adventures.

I went to a Boston Red Sox game a week ago, Sunday night, at Fenway Park. If you have never been to a game or never seen the ballpark, you will be absolutely amazed. Not only is the ball park iconic, the fan atmosphere is second to none. That was my fifth game and my first time standing in the famed Green Monster section. The view was absolutely spectacular and one of the best in all of baseball. All the fans I talked to at the game were friendly, energetic, and fun. If you do make it to a game, make sure to stay for a rendition of Sweet Caroline. It is always a tradition at every home game prior to the bottom of the eight inning. Reminds me of SUNY Oswego Men's hockey games during 2nd intermission. Even though the game was hard to watch, I always have a great time at the ballpark and will always go back every year. Now, my next goal is to get inside the Green Monster along with a picture someday. Before the game, I had brunch at an amazing restaurant outside Boston called Walnut Grille. The vegan and vegetarian options are excellent for brunch and dinner. While walking around Fenway, I stopped at an amazing vegan dessert place called Fomu, which specialize in dairy free ice cream and desserts. While I was at the game, I had to get my veggie hot dog and veggie burger because it is the way to go. Sorry, no Fenway Frank for me.

How can you not deny my excitement and that beautiful face. After all, it is a pretty amazing place.


 One of the best views in all of baseball. If you get a chance to be up there, you can not say no.

 The picture speaks for itself.

This past weekend, I was at a wedding for my cousin and it was a great time. It is the one time where I can dance and be myself socially. I danced for a few hours and never took my suit jacket the whole night. Even my father was amazed. Congratulations Torey and David on your marriage. I am glad you made me a part of your big celebration. When you put two like minds together, even if they are weird, you are bound to have a lasting relationship. It was great catching up with the family, meeting new people, and catching up with those I have not seen in some time. To cap off the amazing weekend, I went out on the boat with my family at their camp in Union Springs. Thank you Miranda for making me put family first. It was an amazing time.

After little sleep and no food, I went out on a twenty mile run to keep pace with my marathon training. Within the first five miles, I knew it was going to be a very successful run. Even I was very surprised as the run concluded. My run took just over three hours exactly with just over nine minutes as a pace. I compared it to my first one back in April and the results were staggering. I took nearly forty minutes off this run. Over the past few months, I have been very pleased with my results getting ready for my second marathon race. Less than three months until the big day. That is all I have right now for an update.

It is has been amazing turning a new leaf that is blowing in the wind leading me on this incredible journey. The future is going to be great. Until next time, thank you.

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